That We May Speak


The wind may howl

A brook may babble

Thunder echoes over the land

In the silence a pin may even be heard

If one listens.


Who hears the spirits?

Who hears the ascended ones

Masters teachers angels guides

Souls crossed over to the other side?


In this world of physical sound

With much distraction all around

Who would hear a pin drop

And stop to help those grieving souls

As they abound at lifes threshold.


It is only through a body that you may hear what we may speak

Be it yours or someone elses

The body is the bridge that unites all worlds

all dimensions as one.


In this moment

Through these fingers

Worlds connected

Spirit united

All heard all spoken


Still the mind

 Open the heart

Listen beyond what is heard

To hear our voices and speak our words

Through you we may be present

In the physical world for all to see

For all to hear


We are spirit being heard through you.

Remember you are spirit too.