Magic Moments On The Mountain


We journeyed up the mountainside my friend and I.

He walked beside me every step of the way

Sometimes behind and sometimes ahead.

He went where I did not dare

While I chose the clear and easier way.

We spoke to tree friends along the way

Watched and listened for the path to take.

Spirit guided us to a babbling mountain stream and a hugh fallen tree.

While lying upon the soul of this dear departed one my friend climb up on my chest and kneaded me gently with his tiny paws.

He purred when I scratched behind his ears

and curled up to warm me as a cool breeze came rustling through the forest.

We melted into a moment in time when we were one with where we lay.

Chants and tones and sounds of the stream

Played a symphony for the earth to hear.

Tone and vibration filled breath and breeze.

Tears of joy trickled down cheeks warmed by the sun

that just peeked out from a misty haze.

Alongside the brook we next sat and shared some chicken as a snack.

Now my friend Mickey climbed upon my lap.

A magic land was in our view where fairies and gnomes rule.

With fern and moss and tiny sprits flying through the air

To our delight they dance and tickled us as they surrounded our heads.

There in the waters we could see reflections of past and future deeds.

We asked for mother and the stream to carry pain away with thee.

Opening heart and mind and soul we drank in the healing beauty of this gentle peaceful moment in time.