Talking to Myself


Foot and ankle knee and leg thank you for supporting my weight.

Hip and belly buttocks  too, what ever would we do without you.

Oh the bosom soft and ripe comfort me on those long dark nights.

Nestled in between the ribs our heart beats the rhythm of all

 body, mind and soul.

Neck and shoulders, arm and hands

Embrace another and embrace yourself.

Reach out and cradle all with love and gentle acceptance

From me above.

As I look down  upon us now

Our face is glowing

Soft and round.

Eyes perceive folds, hills, and valleys

Peaks and subtle sensitive spots.

Ears hear a symphony of motion

When the senses combine in a crescendo.

As our lungs breathe hungry nostrils open and flair

Breathing in the nectar of fresh clean air.

Happy body it’s so clear

We are so blessed to be in you here.