Death is All Around Me


Freshly fallen snow covers a once green valley.

Guns echo in the distance as deer flee to remain

Cold winter winds blow frozen death to remaining vegetation

Stillness fills the once humid air.


The end of cycles, years, centuries, regimes toppled

Replaced by new order and disorder

Death on life’s playing field

The board game of life.


New ideas are born as old ones pass

One breath is replaced by yet another

Dreams come and go in the middle of what seems an endless sea of night to be replaced by the dawn of yet another day.


Inescapable is the conclusion of life’s drama

A play where the final curtain falls

Only to rise again as the tides of life live in the moment.

Hold the moment and death breaths it’s final breath.


Death clings to the past

Birth promises the future that must end

The moment is eternal

Claim the moment