Who Am I?


I have a heart that beats in constant rhythm flowing.

I shelter all parts of the one in loving embrace and knowing.

My hands may reach out to touch.

My feet may step forward to support and carrying me through.


I hold thoughts and beliefs that come and go at will.

I reason, think and can be bold.

My fingers touch, feel and sense.

My neck supports my head.


Emotions may be stored in me or flow easily from my lips.

There is a knowing deep within holding everything in place.

Sound, sight, breath and taste, smells and sixth sense too

Are all within and without this package that I present to you.


We shelter life forms too microscopic to view

from viruses to parasites and multi organism too.

Our body is composed of light and frequencies not in view.

From above us and from below us energies flow through.


Though we are many we are but one.