Peace In The Garden


                         Gather around me and a story I will tell.

Of times gone by are they times yet to come?

Famine and plague war and upheaval.

Bodies piled high blood running between them.

Not a pretty sight do we see as this story unfolds of the times of old.


All want to leave there, all are unhappy.

Grieving and sorrow surrounds every hamlet.

Not one soul is untouched by the hand of grim reaper.

All are distraught no hope can be found except for those dwelling deep under the ground.  In caves lined with crystal, moss and web of the spider do dwell the souls who have survived this.


We tell you this story not to scare or to shock.

It is of a time far behind you.

This is a fear that is carried within.

We say release this one for it does not serve as souls are creating whatever souls hold.

Instead hold the vision of peace and of union, a picture of gardens lined with beautiful visions.


See souls gathered in numbers to celebrate new times when memories of old no longer reside within them.  Singing and feasting, joy and great laughter in every heart celebration not disaster.

Every color each hew, every size shape and form, all creatures from the great to the small.  The young and the old and the in between too remember only the peace that is in each and in all of the one.


We hope you remember this story we’ve told in the dawn of new days for all to behold.  We caution you creators, when weaving your webs of days in the future stay present but never forget. You create in the moment what is held deep within.  Hold nothing that’s fear based and all you will find is a garden of pleasure for all coming time.