Innocent Love


They gather at the feeders and share essence.  Feathered winged ones, delicate, fragile, innocent love.


Tiny heart beat, soft sweet voice silenced suddenly with no warning or remorse.


Swiftly, cunningly predator pounces. Wings beat as many flee. A tiny cardinal voice is silenced.  Heart beat stops as head is severed from all other feathered parts.  No time for terror fright or fear so suddenly this cat appeared.


Prey in mouth he proudly scampers to the doorstep of his master delivering this headless present. Waiting now for praise and breakfast.


When the door is opened wide found the bird to her surprise.  What reason could this senseless act have? Scoldings must be the order.  Surprised cat is by master’s anger no reward for all his toil.


Later after much reflection master goes within and asks for purpose of this cruel act.  Nature speaks upon reflection a message clear and to the point.  Mirrored back in true reflection reconnect your head to source.


Bird is thanked now for it’s sacrifice spirit free soars to the one, cat forgiven, understanding with the prayer he kills no more.


All is but a mirror reflecting back to source.