Two Worlds in One


A tiny sparrow perched on the bird feeder hungrily filling its beak with seed. Two doves just below on the ground gathering kernels that fall from above.


In the distance leaves blow in the gentle breeze as butterfly and bee take turns drinking in natures nectars as they seem to disappear into blossoms of life.


Chirping, humming, sounds abound with a chorus of insects in the background.  There is a gentle peace in this place of Becoming where even a leaf is heard as it gently falls and finally touches the ground.


Then just as suddenly as it all began another world enters.  A buzz saw is heard and felt cutting into the body of a tree.  Engines roar and chippers grind as workmen toil.  Trucks back up and sirens wail.  One world drowns out the other.


When two worlds collide where does peace and being go?


Within the ONE.