Intimacy Speaks


I speak to you of a time gone by that once again will be.

Before your time was born our spirits found this earth.

A beautiful garden was seeded with souls from every corner of creation.

All were free to roam and be none was fixed or separate.

Every soul was honored and accepted for all that it could be.


In this moment of total acceptance and freedom of spirit to be

 love was born.

As a soul group we held in our arms this new life that was to be.

With all creation joining in the human soul was birthed.

At first flesh did not exist for all was unified with source.


Then in the garden a peaceful place a violent storm came forth and physical form came to be a separate entity.

Now all who roamed this peaceful place were rooted to the ground.

What once was one and free to be accepted and loved now fixed and separate from self.


Bodies grew denser as time was born and memories faded

 like mist in early morn.

A cloud encircled the whole and the spirit of love and acceptance entered a deep sleep as the mind of man was born.


We dug our roots deep into the firmament of truth and love - dear Gia.

We reached our arms up in the sky to remind all who might wake up and remember times gone by when spirit was one with earth and sky.

Now in the dawn of this new day we have come full circle

once again to the dawn of the birth of unified soul.


Our roots are fixed our souls are free our hearts are one.

Now is the time to be.

We are the tree and my name is Intimacy.

You are all humanity.

Wake up and be.