Morning Symphony


From my window I see a symphony.

Vibrations echo as barn swallows cut through crisp morning air.


Hummingbirds feast on tones dropping dew

 from lush pedals ripe with nature’s nectar.


A Mocking bird perches just in view

 singing a never-ending chorus with infinite range just after late night rain.


The sound of a cat in peaceful repose licking his toes

 filling the air with rasp smoothing fur.


Crickets chirp and a car whizzes by

 with a slight interruption in natures design.


Buzzie bees join the hummer to crickets delight

 they  form a great chorus created by  passing night.


Mornings song on the mountain reaches a peak.

Then my eyes hear silent footsteps of one lonely deer.


The sun rising through clouds golden red

announces in a blaze the days coming events.


Drumming of beak striking wood. blending

Nature’s percussion keeping a heart beat for the cooing dove.


Clouds whisper by, merging mist and haze.

Sun burning intensely natures music must ever change.


Eyes open wide to drink in more harmonies

 as trees now sing joyously.


Lungs breathe a sigh and  breath joins the breeze.

A symphony perfect and now complete.