If you listen you may hear in the gentle breeze the whispering of the trees.


You may have noticed on a windy day tree voices roaring like freight trains far away.


When it rains there leaves pitter-patter dripping delight cooling a summer’s night.


In the shade of their leaf we find shelter from heat and wetness of rain.


Roots deep, branches high the tree forms a bridge

merging heaven and earth all elements united the soul is delighting.


Their roots go deep into the mother

and carry our souls home in their branches every sister and every brother.


If we should hug them many secrets they will bare.


When we listen close enough the same heartbeat we share.


The tree has a soul.


Their trunk is their heart line.


Their roots firmly planted in the mother of all time.


Our roots are replanted with each step we take.


The faster we run the more steps we must make.


Then we forget what the tree came to tell us.


Plant your roots deeply in the mother above and below us.


Give yourself a gift and meet a new friend.


Use those feet to encircle a tree trunk and then,


Take some time and connect with the tree soul you’ve found.


Feel their roots firmly planting yours deep in the ground.