Definition of Love



Inner peace - knowing the other as one.

Contentment - days filled with love and acceptance.

Nurturing - understanding and support.

Fulfillment - living our souls purpose.

Completion - always being there for one another.

Healing - surrender of karma, mirrors, judgment, guilt.

Freedom - love without fear, expectations, and obligations, full of respect, patience, detachment, and kindness, without pity.



 In the distance the image of a couple sitting quietly among trees.

Summer breezes touch faces warmed by the sun.

Creatures of the forest approach and share silent knowing.

Merging of heart, soul, mind, and flesh on a carpet of green.

Limbs entwined, the pulsing of the mother is embraced and echoed out to all.

Spirit embodied in flesh.


Small children of creation watch and learn from example.

The mother of all is nourished.

True love.

Eternal love.