As I look out my window I see reflections of Nature starring back at me

Life has it's seasons so we've been told...What message has nature as fall winds blow trees in full bloom to and fro?
Visions of crimson, sepia, gold, burnt rust, faded Green...colors of autumn....etch them in memory as soon winds blow through unveiling winter bare limbs stark views

In the now feast on color infusions of golden red views...Natures feast turn to fasting soon and winter cold bare tree bones
Just as waves in the ocean rise and then fall so the colors of autumn will peak and then fall returning to mother nourishing roots.

Get out and drink in the trees gifts to us all as they celebrate completion of another fruitful cycle... the union of all...Each adding it's own splash of color to  canvas...weaving patterns of leafy hues for all to enJOY.