My Best Friend

Always there no matter what
Hears every thought even the judge
Sees through the eyes that see the world
In dream time too may get confused
My best friend shares my every hope
Every love disappointment too

Always there no matter what
We walk together sit and talk
cry tears of pain joy rage surrender
play all the roles to be accepted
My friend and I are never separate
Joined together through all time and space
No me no you no I to create

Always there no matter what
Why is it I forgot to touch and love every part
The you that's me the me that's you
Maybe it's because we are one
We is me and me is you
My best friend you see was born in this skin
My best friend is of course

Always there no matter what
You have one too
And it is YOU

So give thanks on this thankful day
For the me that's me and the you that's you
Our best friends