Mother Void Panther

Black panther night rider carry me home to the other
Upon your back I ride dancing into the night of the

Up and away yet deep down we fly to the highest
The inner most recesses we dance, move, glide.

The sleekness of silk black fur, glistening mirror of
inner Delight, eyes like stars shine where there is no

In the belly of the pitch black of night shines the
brightest of wonder blinding deLIGHT

Dance with me spirit sound moving soul to the heights
The depths of unspeakable know where to move and to

The center around me in the stillness abounds
Flames dancing in moonlight as in a crown.

Seated in the center voidness all around dancing of
the noTHING is finally found.

With no thing to hold and no thing found the all of
time and space abounds.

Thank you panther mother of voidness and goddess of
twin flames shinning through eyes made of star dust
for the journey back to the future of all time and
space of the ONE.