Grazing on Apples
She carefully walked tall grasses giving way under delicate hoof ever mindful of every sound, movement or scent on the wind.
He followed guarding the rear also vigilant, aware, and ever present watching with pride their cargo.
Two heavy apples trees with fruit ripened some fallen await their arrival gladly offering nourishment on a hot summers day.
Between momma and Papa tiny heads scamper about with spotted backs jumping up from time to time to see what may be ahead on their adventure into the open field.
Not one, not two, but three spotted ones....tiny triplets gather with mom and dad under sheltering arms of golden apple tree.
As babies play destination found mom and dad come together sliding heads over rumps and rubbing on necks acknowledgment of a job well done cargo safely delivered.
While babies graze and momma keeps watch poppa goes off scouting what lies ahead as red apple tree awaits their visit.