Spun by Angels


Floating on clouds spun by angels

No place to go but up up and away

Consciousness soars on clouds spun of golden light

Cotton candy pillows of cumulous thoughts cleared as morning haze

Makes way for an afternoon of fun in the sun

Summer is here as solstice has come

Celebration dawning this bright summer morning


Floating on clouds spun by angels

Wings sprouting take off and fly fly away

Higher and higher soar with the eagles

As summer is dawning fresh and brand new.


Floating on clouds now kissed by moonlight.

Opening heart and letting love in

Mix well with emotion season with dewdrops

Summer melons swell as they ripen on vines.

How blessed and ecstatic sweetness pure nectar

Humming birds feast at the bosom of divine.


Floating on clouds ever-present heart felt

Devine essence of one heart

Flows birthing oceans and tides currents and rivers

Tiny streams and pools of love floating by.


This is the promise of new creatrix

Dreams may come true when we open to love

Love of oneself and love for all nations

Peace and creations blessings abound.


Floating on clouds spun the angels

Who could forget what is real what is true

Love is me…Love is you