From Womb To Womb


The place before beginning

Void of space

The womb of all creation gave birth today.


Where does one go for comfort for shelter from life’s storms?

Who loves you without judgment and mends bruises scrapes and hurts?

Who’s wisdom helps to guide you and reads to you at night?

Were do you turn when frighten or lost in life’s plight?

Applauding your successes encouraging you to go forth

This is my mother and this is me.

This was her mother that came before.


From womb to womb it’s handed down generations ladder.

And with each rung infinite love grows even stronger.


Who is it that holds all wombs and what they bear?

The greatest mother of all time.

The goddess of creation

The heart of every soul

She is the mother planet the star seed of us all

Our blessed blue-lit planet

We call her mother earth.