Keeping Watch


Standing outside just under her window watching and waiting

The mind asks how long would it be, when will she rest,

When will she be free?

How much pain will be endured before she meets eternity.

Questions unanswered in the mind that never rests

 keeping watch.


It is spring a time of new beginnings yet illusion creates endings.

Looking out over a freshly plowed field

the eye catches a white glow on the horizon.

Flying together two huge white birds.

Approaching the house they grow smaller and smaller.

The mind says how can this be?

Yet the eyes see two doves fly into her window.

Knowing and peace reside now within and without.

The words it is time echo in the knowing.


Moments later they appear in the window

a sheer white gown held between them.

Flying off their prize in beak now growing larger and larger

The mind accepts she is free!


On the horizon the eyes take in beauty never before seen.

Mother between two angels.

And then they are three.

Now she is free