Here we stand on the brink of tomorrow holding the knowledge of yesterday with all the opportunities of today.


When we take our next step where will it land…to the left, to the right, behind, ahead?


Decisions made in the moment create the momentum of everything that was, is or will be offering the opportunity of change.


Everything must change nothing stays the same.

In this moment feel the support of all other moments and accept.


Standing in the crossroads where there is no time go within the place that you now stand and accept what is in that moment.


It is here that you may find peace of mind and acceptance of self.

It is here that you are free to take the next step that leads to all others.


Being and not being, accepting and resisting, allowing and controlling decisions made create the tides and currents of creation.


Calm the storm that consciousness has created.

Float peacefully in your own sea of creation.