Red Bud Friends


It happens every Spring

The first to show their color

They paint the valley red with pink and purple blushes.


Under a canopy of hickory, oak and maple stately ones look over guarding

A view that steals the heart takes away the breath and fills the senses.


Though every year repeats this spectacle of beauty.

Each year is not the same nor may it be again.

Who is to say that they will remain to bloom next year?

Or if their blooms can rise once more to expectation.


A tiny tree that loves the edge where magic may begin to happen.

Though dwarfed in size by stately friends

It is in spring that they are envied.


A family of red bud trees fills heart and mind and senses

With a beauty known but once a year

It is well worth waiting.

And since we know that nothing ever stops or stays the same

Treasure moments spent on edge of rock drinking in their color.


Red bud friends thank the souls who care and tend the forest.

For there are those that may embrace a different understanding

And rob us all of natures views and vistas.